Customary Use Update

At our September 2016 meeting, Tom McGee gave a talk about Customary Use and how that affects beach goers in Walton County. He discussed the history of the Customary Use Doctrine and explained about the lawsuit that has been filed against Walton County by beach property owner in Federal Court. Since the DWC meeting, the Walton County Commissioners passed an ordinance concerning Customary Use. They also appointed a committee with opponents and proponents of the ordinance meeting to discuss potential revision. DWC member Tom McGee was elected to chair the committee. This committee reported back to the BCC for the board to consider minor changes to the ordinance. In late 2017, a federal judge ruled in favor of Walton County in a lawsuit over Customary Use.

Currently, the Florida Legislature is considering a bill that would hinder localities from developing ordinances that cover Customary Use in their communities. We’ll keep you updated.