Juneteenth Celebration

Walton County is one of the four counties in Florida that still flies the Confederate flag on government property. In June 2016, the Democratic Women’s Club of Walton County joined with the Walton Democratic Party and the Black Caucus of Walton Count to hold a Juneteenth Celebration on the steps of the Walton County Courthouse. ¬†The groups came together again in June 2017 to read the Emancipation Proclamation on the Courthouse steps. In addition to reading the¬†Emancipation Proclamation, we sang the Star Spangled Banner and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. A new addition this year was the presence of Confederate flag partisans.

After the reading, the group adjourned to the Lake Yard arena for hot dogs and cake and ice cream. Two members of the Black Caucus offered background information about both Juneteenth and the reading of the EP in Florida, which occurred in May, 1865.

Congressional Candidate Phil Ehr joined the group for the morning activities.

Juneteenth, 2017