1. Go to
  2. Check that you are registered to vote and that all your information is correct.
  3. At the bottom of the page you’ll see a box that says:
  4. Access Ballot and Precinct Information available through your county Supervisor of Elections’ website. CLICK ON BALLOT AND PRECINCT INFORMATION.
  5. You will be at, which will show your precinct information and your address.
  6. At the top, the center blue block says UPCOMING ELECTIONS. Click on that block.
  7. The page will read “2020 Primary Election.” Below that you’ll see a blue block that says Request a Mail Ballot. Click on it.
  8. The next page will say Mail Ballot Request Service and you’ll see a block that says Proceed. Click on it.
  9. You’ll be at a page that says Identify Requester and you may fill out either circle for Myself or Someone Else, then click Next and a page that says
  10. Search for Voter Record will open. You must fill out your name, DOB and House number, then click Search.
  11. A page will open that says Provide Voter’s Information. You have to fill in an e-mail address and phone number and click Next.
  12. A new page will say Select Election. You can then Request Mail Ballot for All Elections or Request Mail Ballot for an Individual Election and click Select.
  13. This page reads Specify the Voter’s Address. You can click on the circle for your current residence address or enter a new address. Then click Next.
  14. Review Request is the next page. Click in the square that says I’m not a robot, then click on Submit.
  15. The next page is Submission Confirmation. If your information is correct, click on Done.
  16. You should be signed up to receive a Vote By Mail ballot.
OR for the easiest update to Vote By Mail, contact the Supervisor of Elections Office at 850-892-8112 and they’ll do it for you.
vote by mail
Vote by Mail