Meeting on Stand Your Ground – Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Our monthly DWC Meeting will be via Zoom on  January 19, 2021. The time is 1:30-2:30 pm and the speaker is Florida House Representative Carlos Smith. The topic is on Governor DeSantis’s proposal to expand the Stand Your Ground law, which could, if passed, allow peaceful protestors to be shot. Rep. Smith will be describing next steps in the legislative process and what we can do to stop it from becoming into law.
An overview of this proposed legislation from a discussion by Democratic state legislators:
…”this bill was borne months ago, in September and presents a deadly situation to our black and brown communities as it serves to suppress voices of color. We have current laws which are enough to monitor and control riotous conditions. (the criminal code has numerous statues to ensure peaceful marches versus violent insurrection and treason).
People have a Constitutional right to express opinions. But this bill has a lack of empathy toward protest marches in Florida as we observed this past summer.
The intent of this bill is to make it more illegal for citizens to raise voices in opinion. This creates a double standard to criminalize how people of color move about in Florida. The bill was created to silence a majority, muzzle a specific group in Florida. It’s an attempt to obfuscate people….”
If you are interested in attending this Zoom meeting, please contact Karen McGee at
Representative Carlos Smith